• Emergency Septic Tank Pumping

    Signs You Need Emergency Septic Tank Pumping

    Aside from remembering not to put anything down the drains besides wastewater and toilet paper, you probably won’t have to think about it much. However, if you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance and pumping, you may find yourself with a septic emergency on your hands.

    Emergency Septic Tank Pumping
    Emergency Septic Tank Pumping

    Here’s how to tell whether you need emergency septic tank pumping in Greer, South Carolina. Call a septic contractor right away if you notice any of the signs below.

    •  Bad odors. Don’t ignore nasty odors coming from your drains, toilets, or drain field. That’s one of the earliest signs of a septic system issue. Your septic system is designed to keep unpleasant smells from your household and drain field—ideally, you should never even know it’s there. When you smell sewage in these areas, it means your tank is full or the pipes are clogged.

    •  Alarm signals. Most modern septic systems come with alarms to indicate there’s something wrong, such as using too much water or if there’s a leak. If the alarm goes off, call your septic contractor right away. Let them know if you’ve noticed any of the other signs on this list. The more information you can provide about your septic system, the better they can diagnose the issue.

    •  Pooling. Pooling water over your tank or drain field is a dead giveaway that your septic tank needs to be pumped, and fast. If you fail to properly maintain your system or have it pumped regularly, wastewater will rise to the ground level. This will also smell foul, making it easy to tell whether it’s rainwater or waste. To avoid this, make regular maintenance appointments and stick to them.

    Emergency Septic Tank Pumping

    •  Backups. When your tank fills up, waste can back up into your sinks and drains. Call a contractor right away to pump your tank. Since your tank is already full, putting more strain on it will exacerbate the problem. Try to avoid using the restroom, bathing, washing dishes, and doing laundry until after pumping the tank. It’s unpleasant—but a great reminder to keep up on your septic maintenance.

    •  Excess nitrates. Finally, a high level of nitrates in your water could mean that your septic system is malfunctioning. Be sure to monitor your water regularly in addition to keeping up with your septic maintenance.

    To avoid septic issues in the future, we suggest making calendar reminders for regular maintenance. Septic tanks usually only need to be pumped every three to five years, and component maintenance should be conducted yearly. If you keep up on these appointments, you won’t need to worry about being caught by surprise.

    However, sometimes septic systems can malfunction without warning. During high-usage times, like the upcoming fall and winter holidays, keep an eye out for problems. If you notice any of these signs, call SC Septic for emergency septic tank pumping services in Greer, SC.

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